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Industry 4.0 has its advantages with its criticalities, cyber security being mission-critical amongst them, but not to worry, we are here for that.
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About Us

Arishti adopts the Sanskrit word meaning security or safety. We are a team of certified experts in the field of ICS (Industrial Control System), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), OT (Operational Technology) and cybersecurity working towards safeguarding industrial civilizations from cyber-attacks. At Arishti, we work to instil trust in industrial society by solving mission-critical and cybersecurity issues. To ensure operational data integrity, we are the most trusted ICS and SCADA security partners to numerous industries.
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Provide Advanced Security for Advanced Threat

Arishti Info Labs, registered under the companies act, 2013, is headquartered in Gandhinagar, India works towards safeguarding industrial civilization from cyber threats.
We are the most trusted security partner of various industries to protect large-scale OT networks with world-class expertise in cybersecurity risk assessment and management strategies. Here are a few reasons to select Arishti Info Labs.
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Network Security

Security Assessment

With the Security Assessment service,
we do an extensive...

Database Security

Vulnerability Assessment

Arishti's cybersecurity team are
experts in the subject of Vulnerable...

Web Security

Audit Service

Regular security audits of your
ICS, SCADA and OT...

Locker Security

Security Advisory

Arishti Provides Security Advisory and Risk Assessment...

Data Security

Security Incidence

A swift response is necessary when OT networks are...

Cloud Security

SOC Deployment

The efficacies cybersecurity professional at Arishti...